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  • Stacy Eichel

Let's Talk Pickleball...

Pickleball is now the fastest-growing #sport in America for the third year running! The sport, a cross between ping pong, #badminton, and #tennis, was invented by 3 vacationers on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, in 1965.

Pickleball is easy to learn, #fun to #play, and can be enjoyed well into one’s later years, making it a popular sport for people of all ages!

Did you know that more people in the US play Pickleball than Basketball?

The #trends can not be disputed... #pickleball is where it's at and we have so many great items for your customers and #athletes!

Check out a few of our #new items below and let us help find just the right items for your league or venue.

Want to learn more about the Pickleball #craze? Check out

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