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  • Stacy Eichel

Swag in this moment of social distancing

As a boutique promotional items agency owner, these times are like nothing we have ever seen. The majority of the orders we fulfill under normal circumstances are for large public events such as trade shows, concerts, expos, corporate meetings... and these have all been cancelled or postponed for the moment leaving so many isolated and working from home with a sense of not knowing when things will get back to life as we know it.

Being a small business ourselves, our customers are like family. We have shared conversations about vacations, wedding planning, impending divorces and babies on the way - and it just reminds us that we are all in this together.

So many of our industries have been affected. Food service, travel, event production, learning institutions, medical professionals - the list is endless.

If you are able to work from remotely - as difficult as we know this is - you are the lucky ones.

Whatever working remotely looks like for you - with kids, without kids, pj's all day, furry kids on your lap - we know that it's not easy to stay connected & motivated if working from home is not something most of us are used to!

Morale is so important and I can speak from experience in saying that recognition and acknowledgement can go a very long way.

During these times of isolation - a little can go a long way for your employees or students.

Emails, phone calls, texts, video chatting are great ways to remind them that they are not forgotten and that their efforts are appreciated but a little swag can also go a long way.


COFFEE!!! How about a coffee mug or tumbler to help them get motivated in the mornings when one day seems to drag into the next.

Journals to keep notes during classes or video conferences.

A cozy blanket to snuggle up to their laptop.

Cam Covers are a great idea if video conferencing is on the agenda! You don't want to see something that you shouldn't see... and they don't want you to see it either!

Noise cancelling headphones are perfect for webinars, video conference and online learning.

Self care is so important - USB essential oil diffuser can help take the edge off.

The best way to stay safe is to wash your hands with soap and water! Why not go old school with a very new school bar of soap!

Hand sanitizer is the most coveted item at the moment. Inventory levels are changing by the hour but we have been able to fulfill a few orders so it doesn't hurt to ask!

This pen/fidget spinner combo will keep your nerves in check while working or waiting on hold.

Working non stop in front of a computer or laptop can take it's toll on the eyes. Our blue light blocking glasses can help!

Keep your devices charged and listen to all your favorite music or podcasts at the same time with this wireless charger/bluetooth speaker combo!


The ideas above are just that. We are here to help come up with a way to stay connected during these isolating times. Stay safe, stay healthy. We can only get through this together.

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